It is my responsibility as the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing to lead this Faculty to excel in all its academic aspects scientifically, practically, and in scientific research.


Because of the support and care provided by the Northern Border University Administration to the Faculty, the demand to join the Faculty increased, and the best applicants are accepted in line with the needs of the local community. The advancements in nursing require the Faculty to routinely review the best international practices and then apply them in the curricula. The continuous revision ensures the full realization of the Faculty’s scientific and national goals in preparing female students to be experienced nurses in the future. The main goal of the Faculty is to cover the severe shortage of nurses in Northern Borders Region. To advance the scientific, technical and professional development in nursing, the Faculty offered, alongside its main program, a bridging program for five semesters, followed by a six-month internship. This great edifice has witnessed successive scientific and technological developments, and subsequent classes of nursing specialists have graduated, armed with science, faith, and high morals, bearing the mission of nursing they swore to preserve.


We ask Allah to help us serve our religion and our country and crown all efforts with success to achieve our aspirations and ambitions to improve nursing scientifically and professionally.


Dean of Nursing Faculty 

Dr. Hayat Ali ALzahrani