About the Faculty

The Faculty of Nursing was initially established as one of five departments in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences based on High Order No. 10093/m on 11/11/1428 AH, and the Resolution of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 20/46/1428, Session 46, on 2/6/1428 AH, in the female campus, Arar, Northern Border University. The Nursing Department was separated as a Faculty of Nursing by the High Order No.5088/MB dated 7/8/1432 AH, and Resolution of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 3/1430 of 4/7/1430 AH.

    Dr. Hayat bint Ali Al-Zahrani
    Dean of Faculty of Nursing
    شعار كلية التمريض

    Vision and Mission


    To be a distinguished scientific faculty locally and internationally, and to become the center in nursing, By providing academically distinguished specialized programs to graduate trained national cadres capable of delivering the best health services that raise the level of healthy behavior in the community. The faculty seeks to become a leader among higher education institutions for nursing at the local, regional or global level.


    The Faculty of Nursing at Northern Border University is committed to graduating qualified nurses who can compete in the local labor markets through a high-quality educational program, a stimulating learning environment, and qualified human resources. The faculty seeks to achieve its mission by achieving excellence and innovation in nursing education, leadership practice, and scientific research. The faculty aims to enrich scientific research to participate in the community’s health services. The Faculty of Nursing also develops comprehensive personal and professional skills among female students through self-directed education, considering Saudi society’s cultural, moral, and religious values. The faculty is committed to providing an outstanding education that prepares nurses to adapt to different conditions and be flexible to meet the needs of the Saudi society to provide integrated health care for citizens.


      The Faculty  of Nursing aims at:

      • Preparing highly qualified nurses who are trained to use the latest medical equipment. 
      • Spreading health awareness in the community. 
      • Conducting research necessary to develop health care in the region at various levels. 
      • Coordinating with concerned authorities to participate in all activities to serve citizens’ health and provide preventive services. 
      • Obtaining academic accreditation from accreditation quality programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
      • Providing an academic and administrative environment conducive to learning, creativity, and production. 
      • Cooperating with the Ministry of Health and other relevant faculty s in the Kingdom to achieve training quality in the faculty. 
      • Developing and implementing continuing education programs for all faculty members and their assistants in the faculty according to their specializations. 
      • Developing the students’ scientific and practical skills by participating in seminars, conferences, and scientific lectures inside and outside the Kingdom for the latest developments in their field. 
      • Establishing effective partnerships with educational organizations and research centers internally and externally. 

      Facts and Figures